You vote, they count

I write about the details emerging from the Iowa caucuses. I’d been active prior to event in both my Facebook as well as with two blogs where I comment frequently, and

It appears the results were rigged to favor a Cruz victory over Trump.

I’d posted that HRC was Sanders’ designated down-bringer. I’d bemoaned the fact that the establishment hadn’t found a down-bringer for Trump.

Well, we discovered it: the vote-counting software! You probably thought Black Box Voting had gone away. No, whenever results are close and the establishment gets nervous, it’s time to hack the vote!

Rather than parking the hackable voting machines out back, some municipalities resold them. It’s impossible to audit the results on these machines. Go to an HBO documentary on black box voting called “Hacking Democracy.” You’ll see a full technical description how to hack these machines in such a way as to leave no trace.

OK, so we don’t know how far off the machines were. We also don’t know if electronic hacking was the only criminal method used in counting the vote.

Apparently six precincts in Iowa were decided for Hillary by a flip of a coin. That’s right–American democracy replaced by seemingly random flips of a coin. How we have fallen (and still are falling.)

Of course all the coin flips came down in favor of the establishment candidate. I suppose that you knew that already, or you’d still have faith in the integrity of the voting process.

And of course votes were lost. I’m still trying to figure out which votes weren’t counted but it’s a safe bet Sanders paper ballots ended up in the trash can (or incinerator)  far more frequently than his competitor.

Can we presume fraud when the results differ radically from poll numbers? Not necessarily if the recorded votes are close to pre-election polls. One article I read put the  amount of post-doctored votes at a maximum of 10 percent. Anything more will look too suspicious. (Link)

It’s the GOP side of the Iowa caucuses where the electronic vote rigging took place. Trump was quick to tweet how Cruz had stolen the election.

Cruz was not born in the United States so he’s ineligible to be President. I wonder when this truth will emerge. I guess he could go on to win the Republican nomination but just when exactly would his eligibility be challenged?

I can’t see how the Republicans don’t know about Cruz’s nation of birth problem. Any vote for Cruz is a vote for an ineligible candidate. And if he makes the ticket, he will be challenged in court.

You would think legal-minded Republicans would be concerned that they were putting forth a candidate unelectable not in the General Election but rather on legal grounds.

Maybe those who know the truth of Cruz’s nation of birth are “in on it,” are quietly waiting in the wings to sabotage him when and if he wins the nomination.

So if there is some establishmentarian guru with his hand on the vote counting software, it could be a pro-Hillary faction doing it on the Republican side. Remember with electronic vote tabulating, it could be anyone controlling the count, not necessarily even someone from the same political party.

If the votes were tabulated by an establishmentarian faction, their support would be visible both in beefing up the pro-establishmentarian candidate of choice and putting forth ineligible or weaker candidates in the other party.

Motive for this kind of hacking is there. And the technology permits it. And the absence of measures for auditing or reviewing the “final” numbers is a big red flag.

What is Iowa’s protocol for recounts? If there’s a story that violates truth in voting, it won’t appear in the corporate media, whose chief purpose is clearly to peddle information favorable to establishmentarian causes.

Therefore it follows that voting irregularities will be unreported. The crime–yes, it is a felony–of changing people’s vote has been ignored because the establishment has subverted the democratic process, not only at the voting booth but in the media before and after votes are reported.

Yes, we can certainly take steps to protect the voting process.

The claims are nothing new:
1) Paper ballot
2) Audit trail
3) Equal access to voting machines

Please protect your right to vote, a right which means absolutely nothing to the Oligarchs and establishment.

Corporate fraternization with the Ruling Elite has fostered a media environment where lies are sold as truth and anomalies in the voting process intentionally ignored.

Those who benefit from continued control over the political process will use whatever means available to persecute anti-establishment candidates like Sanders.

A system that denies Americans  their right to vote, and falsifies results, is an ongoing  conspiracy against our people. It also means that every past election result using Black Box Voting has to be called into question.

Without investigations into election wrong-doing, there is no accountability for the criminals. If criminals aren’t held accountable under the law, then this country is no longer ruled by law but by men above the law, for their own purposes.

It’s not enough to say that irregularities occurred. Until evidence of vote fraud is thoroughly investigated by impartial parties, the government of this country must be considered illegitimate and its leadership compromised.

The present system is run by many illegitimately elected persons.

Those who’ve made their way into the halls of Washington’s political fraternity through electronic vote fraud and other felonious tools need to be removed.

Incumbents are clearly vulnerable to control mechanisms used by the vote counters and the dark moneyed interest they represent.

There are no limits to this blackmail. The politician will have no choice but to do the bidding of those that get them into office. Should they resist the demands of their handlers, they’ll see themselves lose to vote fraud in the next primary or general election.

The voting fraud therefore opens up a direct pathway through which manipulation of policy for criminal purposes can occur.

It’s probably better that our politicians not even know the results were tweaked. That way they can dodge accountability later.

While politicians may not know about vote fraud, I’m sure they’ll be told well in advance of the next election what could happen by those who committed the fraud.

Huge numbers of “private security contractors” (800,000+) are being used by the government against political enemies of the establishment. Who could be so naive to think that incumbent politicians wouldn’t use the “security” assets in their control for purposes of maintaining control over the electoral process?

Black box voting has allowed involvement in the political process by crime syndicates and others who benefit from rigging election results, and owning the politicians they get elected.

Vote manipulation isn’t new, with electronic vote fraud it is however harder to spot, and with a total lack of trace-ability, Americans will suffer under a voting system that intentionally defrauds them of their right to vote.

Like any criminal activity, there’s usually a financial purpose behind their activities. Unless an audit-able, hack-proof voting system can come into use, Americans will be governed by people who’ve risen to power based on criminal vote fraud.

In fact, this makes the U.S. an occupied country by denying representation to the people. Until the right to vote can be assured, and results tabulated impartially, the legitimacy of every action by our government, and every policy that contradicts what the majority of Americans believe should be questioned.

Once the law is unequally applied, it becomes irrelevant. To restore America, we have to restore the credibility of our government. The absolute right to vote is the central pining upon which our system of government depends. With representation, there is no legitimate government.


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