Children’s health sacrificed for vaccine profits

Vaccines are being sold in greater and greater quantities. This boosts profits for the companies selling them.

Requiring more vaccines forces more vaccines to be sold. It follows therefore that all vaccine makers want to force the maximum number of mandatory shots as possible.

Where are the regulations that limit the sale of mandatory vaccines to those needed to ensure the public safety?

The public interest formerly determined the scope to which industries were regulated. Now special interest groups lobby lawmakers from coast to coast, trying to change regulations in favor of the companies they represent.

What’s best for Pfizer is best for America, you might think. And in some cases the interests of both corporations and the public coincide. But the needs of the public–to be safe–aren’t the only motivation for vaccines, the profits of the vaccine makers are.

Regulatory capture occurs when industries dominate their regulators, using a variety of techniques like political donations through PACs, hiring of former regulators, and the placement of industry reps into positions,of regulatory oversight in what is know as a revolving door.

Where’s the pushback from the public?

Americans are hopelessly mystified by the vaccination process. Information is given to the public by the makers of vaccines and the governmental bodies that purport to regulate the industry.

The public is unaware how the number of vaccines required has risen so dramatically. I’ve searched for an exact source but have seen the number of required vaccines at seventy plus.

Many vaccines are combined. No one knows the cumulative impact of combining whatever nasties may be in the vaccine–remember they contain a live virus and other pathogens. By upping the quantity and frequency of vaccinations, public health has been put at greater risk.

Whereas we took only a handful of vaccines before, the number recommended now has soared. (  With the increased incidence of vaccinations, we’ve seen a huge increase in the rates of autism.

The link is actively being suppressed in studies paid for by the vaccine industry. For as long as the vaccine money pours into advertisements, the effect on public discourse will be muted, at least in the mainstream media.

An objective observer–obviously not those who make money from having a position–would be skeptical of the lack of media exposure on the topic of the autism link, especially if they’d watched TV and saw the sheer volume of ads for pharmaceuticals.

Most of the public lack the capacity for critical thinking. So they just go along. And the price for unconditional acceptance of vaccines is high, very high. If indeed the autism rate rises, our society will be facing an entire generation of brain-damaged young people.

Vaccines have a role to play but that fact doesn’t mean that unprecedented amounts of toxic compounds in the vaccines won’t have a public health impact.

Of course the industry will claim it’s products are necessary to keep us all healthy. Whenever challenged, we’ll be told that vaccines are necessary to keep us from getting sick.

The efficacy of vaccines, particularly the MMR vaccine–is highly questionable.

Vaccine whistleblower Wakefield describes how a Measles outbreak among vaccinated people indicated that the vaccine wasn’t working. So the vaccine makers simply required “booster shots” which ended up tripling their sales!

So vaccines may not inoculate their recipients from the diseases they are supposed to work for. This repudiates industry claims that vaccines are necessary to prevent disease.

As a matter of fact, vaccinated children may be more likely to become unhealthy adults. (  It could be that they suffer from weakened immune systems, from the adjuvant overload. Or they might be victims of severe gut problems like Irritable Bowel Syndrome from the harsh synthetic nature of the vaccine cocktail.

Gut issues may come from GMOs and dietary deficiencies. It may not be the vaccines alone but the vaccines when they combine with some other environmental exposure or nutritional blockage.

Vaccines may not be the direct cause. However, any dispenser of mandatory vaccines is obligated to understand the impact on public health before authorizing their use. If a vaccine ups the likelihood of another event, it is incumbent upon those mandating their use to prove their safety and efficacy.

Every parent needs to judge based on the widest spectrum of information available. If vaccines are safe (however many are mandatory) then the industry should have nothing to fear.

I’ve assembled a list of articles, most of which are recent.

One bit of advice–content found on the Web may be prone to hysteria, and prone to  anecdotal evidence  rather than scientific proof. Remember that studies which disproves a cause and effect link IS NOT the same as proving it’s safe.

“Italian Court Rules Mercury And Aluminum In Vaccines Cause Autism…”

Italian Court Rules Mercury And Aluminum In Vaccines Cause Autism: US Media Continues Total Blackout Of Medical Truth

<Warning: Pop Up>
UCLA Pediatrician Resigns Because ‘American Association of Pediatrics Knows Vaccines Cause Autism’

UCLA Pediatrician Resigns Because ‘American Association of Pediatrics Knows Vaccines Cause Autism’

Media Bias/Non-reporting/Censurship
<Warning: Pop Up>
“Is the Mainstream Media “Hogtied” About Reporting Adverse Vaccine Issues and Events?”

“Robert De Niro was clearly threatened by the vaccine establishment to censor the VAXXED documentary”

<Warning- Pop Up>

Regulatory Capture/fail
Video, Local News

“If Vaccines Are Safe, Why Has The US Gov. Paid Out $3 BILLION To Vaccine-Injured Families?”

“Universal Vaccinations for Children will be Overseen by Committee which Accepts Vaccine Manufacturer Monies”

Video, prisonplanet
CDC, VACCINES and AUTISM: Massive Corruption Exposed

On the scary side (mature audiences only):
“Vaccines contain DNA fragments from aborted human fetal cells and viruses that could cause both autism and cancer”

“Medical child abuse now socially accepted across America as vaccine-damaged children are locked in ‘scream rooms’ by teachers”

“75% Of Children Who Received Vaccines In Mexican Town Now Dead Or Hospitalized”

75% Of Children Who Received Vaccines In Mexican Town Now Dead Or Hospitalized




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